Bobcat Band

CRHS Marching Band

2021 Summer Band Camp Schedule

(Please mark these dates on your calendar!!!!)



2 pm - 5 pm   All Leadership, Drum Majors, and Captains

(wear tennis shoes, comfortable attire, NO FLIP FLOPS)


6 pm - 8 pm   All 8th Graders, New Marchers, and Leadership

(wear tennis shoes, comfortable attire, NO FLIP FLOPS)

July 26-30 FULL BAND

8 am - 11am Marching Rehearsal Outside

11am - 12pm Playing Rehearsal Inside

12pm -1pm Lunch Break! (provided by Band Boosters)

1pm - 3pm Small Sectionals Inside


August 2-5 FULL BAND 

2 pm - 3 pm   Full Ensemble Rehearsal

3 pm - 5 pm Small Sectionals

5 pm - 5:15 pm Snack Break!

5:15 pm - 7 pm Marching Rehearsal (meet in band hall first)

August 6th Drum Corps International Performance in Mesquite/ Time:TBD

August 9-11 FULL BAND

5 pm - 8 pm Playing Rehearsal in Band Hall / Marching Rehearsal Outside

August 16 Full Band

Time TBD Meet the Bobcats

August 19 First day of school (This is a THURSDAY!!!)

August 20 End of Camp POOL PARTY!!!

Please be very flexible! The dates on this schedule should be final, but the times are subject to change.

The playing and marching rehearsals are subject to change due to weather, progress, or at the discretion of the directors.

Please wear appropriate footwear/clothing to ALL events. Shorts must be fingertip length. Tank tops may be worn, but no spaghetti straps. Shirts must go to the top of your shorts with hands raised. Tennis/athletic shoes and socks must be worn at all times. Please do not wear converse, toms/bobs, or any other “athletic” shoe that does not have good arch support. Students wearing flip-flops, sandals, or any other shoe deemed inappropriate will NOT be permitted to participate.

If you are unable to make it to a rehearsal, please let the directors know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! This includes conflicts with jobs, athletics, or other extra-curricular activities. Any non-emergency related absences with less than a week’s notice will be marked “unexcused” and may result in the loss of a spot in the marching or participation points.


All participating students in Band or Athletics MUST have a PHYSICAL for 2021. The physical must be turned in to a director before ANY Summer activities. If you do not have a physical, you cannot practice with the Band or any Athletics. Please take care of this before JULY 19th.


From time to time we will need to communicate with band members and their parents.  The most efficient way for us to do that is through REMIND, a group texting app.  Everyone is encouraged to sign up. The steps to sign up are:

  1. From your mobile device, send a text message to the number 81010.  In the text, type the message @dkaa2c

  2. Once you receive a reply, you respond back with either a S for student or P for parent.


We appreciate your cooperation!

Alexander Montgomery   Jonathan Gonzalez Band Director    Assistant Band Director

Welcome to the Bobcat Band Page!

Please check here for information regarding our Bobcat Bands and their activities.

Cross Roads Fall 2021 Leadership

*Drum Major-

Ace Cooper- (12)

Color Guard Captains-  Alexis Keniston- (12)
Johnna Edwards- (12)

*Woodwind Captain-

Savannah Wasinger- (12)
Elizabeth Padgett- (11)

*Brass Captain-

Donna Stovall- (10)
Natalie Giles- (10)

Low Winds Captain
Jeremy Fields- (10)
Kristin Poteet- (12)


*Percussion Captain-

Lexi Smith- (10)

Zan Perry- (11)

*Loading/Water Crew Captain-

Eric Coker- (10)

Jackson Groom- (10)
William Metcalf- (10)

*Uniform Crew-

July Soto- (10)

Heidi Torres- (11)

Savannah Wasinger- (12) Head
Elizabeth Padgett- (11)

Natalie Giles- (10)