Bobcat Band

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Please check here for information regarding our Bobcat Bands and their activities.

After school rehearsals during the school year will be:

Monday Last Period Ends - 5:30pm

Tuesday (Woodwind/Percussion Sectional) Last Period Ends - 5:30pm

Wednesday (Brass Sectional) Last Period Ends - 5:30pm

Thursday Last Period Ends - 5:30pm


The playing and marching rehearsals are subject to change due to weather, progress, or at the discretion of the director.

Please wear appropriate footwear/clothing to ALL events. Shorts must be fingertip length. Tank tops may be worn, but no spaghetti straps. Shirts must go to the top of your shorts with hands raised. Tennis/athletic shoes and socks must be worn at all times. Please do not wear converse, toms/bobs, or any other “athletic” shoe that does not have good arch support. Students wearing flip-flops, sandals, or any other shoe deemed inappropriate will NOT be permitted to participate.

If you are unable to make it to a rehearsal, please let the director know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! This includes conflicts with jobs, athletics, or other extra-curricular activities. Any non-emergency related absences with less than a week’s notice will be marked “unexcused” and may result in the loss of a spot in the marching or participation points.


2019 Marching Pass-off Schedule

8/2 Fight Song (memorized)

8/9 School Song (memorized)

8/23 Marching Show- Opener (memorized)

8/28 Star Spangled Banner

9/6 Marching Show Part II (memorized)

9/20 Marching Show Part III (memorized)

(More Pass Off dates will be posted mid-August)


If a student has a scheduled absence, the pass-off must be completed by the previous rehearsal.

Pass-offs must be done individually

The entire selection must be played in one sitting to be considered correct.

Directors will be available for any pass-offs 15 minutes after a rehearsal.

All Pass-offs must be performed for a DIRECTOR! Student leadership can help learn the part, but cannot pass off any students.